About Us

Charles T. Peltzer IV, future farmer, discing the field after pumpkins had been harvested.




Max Peltzer, future  train operator and wine maker.




The history of Peltzer Farms in the true pioneering spirit, Charles T. Peltzer left the security of his 960 acre wheat farm in prairie, Kansas, with his wife and nine children in 1913 to try his luck in the tamed west. A 20 – acre site was selected in Anaheim, which consisted of one-year old citrus trees and 9 dairy cows. This location was successfully farmed and was eventually acquired by son, Victor Peltzer. He farmed until its eventual sale to Walt Disney in 1954. Of course, this location became part of the fabulous Disneyland. Son Victor relocated in east Anaheim where now a much expanded citrus operation continued to flourish. Then in December of 1963, son Charles t. Peltzer II, now representing the third generation, combined forces with father, victor, and farmed the first Peltzer Pine farm, on Jefferson Street in Anaheim. We know that many of our older customers remember well the first location on Jefferson. In 1968, a second Peltzer pine was begun on North Batavia in Orange, harvesting for the first time in December 1972. When you visit any one of our farms, chances are good that you will have been waited on by fourth generation grandchildren and a large number of local students. So you can see that it is traditionally a caring operation, with everyone contributing in the most caring and valuable way.

Then, in October 1996, Charles T. Peltzer III, representing a fourth generation and known as “Farmer Charlie,” and his wife, Carrie, continued the family farm tradition by opening their first live pumpkin patch on one of his father’s tree farm locations in Orange which they ran. They operated in Orange for 10 years. After making Temecula their home, they moved the pumpkin operation to beautiful wine country. For the 8th year, we bring you Farmer Peltzer’s Pumpkin Patch in Temecula. We hope you and your family enjoy it as much as we do! And we look forward to seeing you all in the years to come! We hope to break ground on our farmhouse winery in the next year. Stay tuned for exciting updates and additions to our farming and agritourism future! Thanks to our loyal customers for supporting your local farmer!

image Carrie and Max at Grandpa Chuck’s tree farm in Yorba Linda.

imageCharles III (farmer Charlie),  Charles IV and ‘Grandpa Chuck’ at tree farm.